Letter from another happy owner of a baby from Confetti Farms. !
Hi Mellanie,
It was a very fun and exciting weekend for us.  This was Stryker's first overnight away from home so it was a bit stressful for mom.  I wasn't sure how we would be received or if we were even in the league to compete in the USDF shows.  What a surprise - he was the hit of the show - people just LOVED him.  He can definitely hold his own against the big boys.  Even some of the big breeders commented favorably on him.
Here are some pics of him - please put his body shot on your website, so that folks can see how Oreo's babies are growing up!!  I told tons of people about your farm and horses - you may want to do some midwest advertising (Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine) :-)
He was just stunning at the show and very well behaved.  We got a 72.9% :-).  We still placed 3/3 but we were within tenths of the 2nd place score (I never found out what the winner had).  The 2nd place horse was just imported from Germany.  Both he and the first horse had really nice trots.  As this was my first show - I learned some of the tricks for next year.  Apparently the judge, at least at this show, rewarded the horses that acted up - granted they had their fanciest movement moments after exploding - but still.... 
I am way into manners - Stryker was the best behaved horse there.  Although he did get really keyed up before the class - I don't know if he was feeding off of me or just atmosphere - but as soon as it was over, he deflated and was his normal self.  He was screaming quite a bit before we went in and was pumped up, but it made for an imposing conformation pose for the 45 seconds that he held it.....
The judge was P Hansen (he had a heavy European accent and I think he wanted him to be a Knabstrupper, as he told me all about them.
I plan on doing the series next year as a two year old.  I am going to enter him into the All Breeds program and try for a year end award.  It was a really great experience.   This one was rather scary as we had a horrible storm come through shortly after we arrived on Friday.  The tornado sirens went of twice and we had torrential rain.  Once the storm passed we practiced in the arena and it was calf deep water in places.  But despite that, he put on his manly face and was very bold and confident.  However when he got home, it seemed like he shrunk 12 inches and became a baby again when he was back with the boys.  He was also very tired.  It was a big 2 days for him.  We are very proud of him!!!
Here are some great pictures of him.  These were actually from the weekend previously.  I took him to an open show in a Chicago Suburb and we placed 3rd in the English Horse at Halter class:-).  There were 7 in the class total.
There is a head shot, a confirmation type pose and one with me for size reference.  We measured him for worming last week - he was ~775 lbs, 15 h at the withers and 15.1 on his rump.  Not bad for a yearling.
I will send the pics from the show when he get them.  The weather was ucky, so they may not turn out very well - the ones attached today are pretty decent.














August 2006

 USDF Breeders Qualifier in Burbank at the Cool August Nights Show. I could not be more pleased with the results!





Blanca Chocolati placed 2nd in the open 06 fillies class and qualified for the championship filly class.

Blanca is a  06 filly by Butterwap Confetti and Confetti's Red Rose (17.2h Chocklate daughter)



Click here for the proofs from the show!









Spiced Hot Chocklate also placed 2nd in the 06 open colt division which also qualified him for the championship class.

This awesome colt is by Butterwap Confetti and Golden Winfall a JC reg mare. This colt is also for sale!






Click below for proofs from show


This beautiful colt is for sale at Confetti Farms





Many Thanks to my good friend T.J. Walker for helping me show these youngsters. With out her help this would have been nearly imposable.






Chocklate waped moose placed 3rd behind our other colt. Moose is sired by Butterwap Confetti and out of Annie a Chocklate Confetti NC daughter. Congrats to the owners of this lovely colt. Dan and Nikki Gilbert.


For Sale





Last but not least....Oreo won the get of Sire again with these beautiful babies.



August 23 and 24th USDF breeders Qualifier and Finals 2003

Held at the Los Angles Breeders Classic in California

We went to the USDF Breeders qualifier and final Aug 23 and 24th, because it was both, the competition was pretty tough. We won the IRC International Registry of Colored Horses class first 4 places with Confetti Farms bred colts 2 and under, 

Oreo won his class, I am not sure how many were in his class, I was to busy running back and forth, and the black and white 2003 Oreo sister  won her class, but I think she was the only one. I was totally beat.
In the open,  the Butterscotch Confetti, Wapspotted Filly took 4th, I was happy with this one, and the colt class the Holsteiner colt out of Oreo took 3rd. We were also thrilled with this placement, in this tough class of WB's.  The rest of my babies went down the line behind him. Oreo was a little more nervous than usual, so he got 4th also, but we won the get of Sire class.  After the show, one of the judges and scribes came and complemented me on how nice all of the horses were, so that made my day.

The Arab X out of Confetti's Red Rose (Chocklate daughter) and Aul Magic, did not show as well on Sunday as he did not Sat, when we turned him looses he did the Peppy La Peau
instead of his breathtaking trot, after the judges scored his card, then of course, he went into his trot, you should have heard all the aws from the spectators, the second judge also knock him for being in a butt high growth pattern, but admitted that is was due to his age and huge size. So I was really pleased with how everyone did.
1: Oreo Holsteiner colt  Chocklate Filled Oreo
2: Arab X Chocklate daughter colt, Chocklate Magic
3: Oreo TB colt:  Shooting Star
4: Oreo App\QH colt : Sea my Butterwap World

fillies 2 and under
1st) Wap scotch Confetti :  Butterscotch Confetti X Wapspotted

3 year old stallion
1st Butterwap Confetti     Butterscotch Confetti (Chocklate daughter) X Wapspotted

I am not sure of the other placings.

Sunday  Colts 2 and under....  Open
3 rd   Oreo Holsteiner colt
4: Oreo App\QH colt
5 Oreo TB colt

Fillies 2 and under open
4 th) Wap scotch Confetti, 

3 year old stallions Open
4th Butterwap Confetti

Get of Sire ...Open
Oreo colts....won first place!
Oreo Holsteiner colt  Chocklate filled Oreo
Oreo App\QH colt   Sea my Butterwap world.