Foals of 2005



If you are looking for a huge, homozygous sporthorse filly, look no further!




 87% FPD

Sire: Butterwap Confetti  16.3h           

Dam: Confetti's Red Rose  17.2h Chocklate daughter

Outstanding fewspot filly

Correct Conformation, incredible movement, very friendly. Proven performance bloodlines on Sire and Dam. Show now, breed later. Will be a 100% color producer. Take advantage of a rare opportunity on this filly.


I can't wait to see a picture......................................

Not to tease you but the filly we had out of Chocklate is a dream!!! She is grulla like her mommy with a white blanket over her hips!! She looks like she will have a black dorsal stripe and masking and barring on her legs, maybe the light orange eyes as well!! I know, send pictures!!! Thanks again, Tesa Jordan Douglas Greens Farm West Plains, MO

          5-17-05 5:00 pm                                                                     

HUGE Black Bay colt!             photo at 1 hr old

Sire: Butterwap Confetti                             

Dam: Pinjara

16.2 ISR Oldenburg Mare

By Panache who has won numerous championships and reserve championships in Dressage.

Pinjara was a Premium rated foal at her inspection and received a placement in the main mare book at her inspection with a foal at her side. She received a score of 100 points, barely missing the premium mare book by 3 points. Pinjara has pink Oldenburg Verband papers.




@ Confetti Farms






Sire: Chocklate Confetti

Dam: Prayers and Magic JC

Hi mellanie,

Colt born about 3 AM 5/19/05. Doing well. Not as much color as I`d hoped for, but a real sweetie. 16 1/2 inches to the middle of the knee. No name yet. More pictures later. It`s pouring here today, so hopefully I can turn out tomorrow and get some good shots outside.

Spots on hips



OH MY !!!!

Ziggaboo and Butterwap Confetti's 2005 foal arrived last night. We couldn't have hoped and wished for anything better... an absolutely gorgeous Black Few Spot FILLY !!! She's got lots of leg, a beautiful shoulder and very pretty head. Right now she's cantering perfect, large circles around her mother!

I've updated the website with pictures taken today at 1 day.

There's a place to click for more pictures on the above webpage. I'm including a few in this email also.


Gail Bivins
Domino Farm
(678) 358-0234








Hello Mellanie,

Attached is the picture of the foal by Chocklate Confetti. The filly is out of a Frank Scripter bred Leopard and is a 5th generation appaloosa. She is for sale and priced at $3000 if you wouldn't mind adding her to your site. Will let you know when the foal from Oreo comes.





5-9-05 11:58 PM

Sire: Chocklate Confetti

Dam: Poco's Miss Cheyene ApHC

Beautiful chestnut filly, full blaze and hip blanket.

ApHC 90% foundation pedigree designation. Will make an excellent Halter filly for the FPD ApHC classes

Great all around type horse, excellent youth or amateur prospect.

For Sale @ Confetti Farms



Sire: Chocklate Confetti

Dam: Ellie   ApHC

Ellie told me to get an early night last night because she was going to get up early and foal at dawn. She usually foals about 4.30 am. I went out at 5am in time to catch the after birth.
We have a beautiful healthy straight legged filly. Bay with spots on the rump. striped feet and pink genitalia.
She's a sweet heart, and when I left the field for the first time, she whinnied after me.
Thank you. Photos will follow.






Rocking J Stables is proud to announce the birth this beautiful colt.


Huge chestnut leopard colt

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Sea Mi Sweet Annie, NC ApHC, Chocklate daughter.


photos at 8 hrs old

Congrats to the Gilbert Family

 Dan, Nikki, Josh, Haley and Christopher.






4-19-05 Chestnut leopard Colt

Sire: Chocklate Confetti

Dam: Chics Lovebug, ApHC

Congratulations to Sara Mason on this beautiful colt!




4-8-05 Chestnut fewspot filly. 87% FPD

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Bits of Confetti (Connie )

16.1h fewspot by Chocklate Confetti and Envy My Form Connie was shown briefly as a Eventer years ago,  and has Chocklate's fearless temperament. Connie was shown in Dressage last year.

This filly is beautiful. She has the best assets of both parents. Will definitely make a sport horse deluxe, plus the added bonus of a homozygous color producer later in life.

Green bands on mares legs are natural fly repellents....I have received several e-mails inquiring!

   private treaty    Sold


83% FPD ApHC

Beautiful chestnut filly, full blaze, all characteristics a a few small spots over hips.83% FPD

Sire: Chocklate Confetti, Dam: Fiesty Gal ApHC 16.2 h daughter of Hope Straw, Appy racing world record holder, granddaughter of Navaho Whirlaway.

This filly is bred to be a Jumper or Eventer. She is a very powerful mover and has the spark and athletic ability for an open jumper. Hope Straw and Navaho Whirlaway were bred here locally and all offspring from these guys, go on to be jumpers locally after returning from the track. Filly should easily mature 16.2h+

Full siblings are also jumpers and dressage horses.

For Sale At Confetti Farms


3/16/05 chestnut leopard filly 100% FPD

Dam: Bear Paws Rose

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Chocklate's only full sibling. Rosie had a very successful career in jumpers and under saddle classes in open and on the Appaloosa Circuit. She was a California Champion and also qualified for the Nationals and world on more than one occasion. 


What an awesome filly to start the year off!


Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Celebrity Impression,  AQHA N/N


I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful filly. Mom was a solid QH sorrel. Talk about a dream come true. 

I think we are going to call her Copper Penny (Penny) because she has one red spot on her butt (mom's contribution to her coloring).  As far as registered names, we are tossing around some combos of mom's and dad's, not sure yet.  She was born March 5th at 2 am, was standing at 10 minutes and was running laps around mom within a few hours.   I can't wait to see pictures of your foal from Oreo.  Take care. 

 Thank you. Betsy Smith

Poteau, Oklahoma