November 2008 Trailblazer Festival in Santa Barbra, Ca

Levi was chosen to be the demo horse for John Lyon's Symposium. We had a blast! John and Jodi are incredibly nice and caring people. John rode Levi Fri, Sat and Sunday, and I rode Levi on Sunday for a last minute saddle fitting demo with Jochen Schleese and John Lyons. This was not planned or believe me I would have had different clothes on, I had just finished with a private saddle fitting with Jochen so changed Saddles and  rode Levi into the arena expecting to hand him over to John. When I was told what they decided to do, I just about croaked! So if it was not bad enough to ride in front of an audience of western riders with a western saddle in English attire and a flak jacket....I had to ride in front of Jochen and John. Keep in mind I had only ridden 4 times since I was released from my Dr on Monday  to ride again since I had surgery implanting a internal heart monitor in my chest . Needless to say my legs were screaming since I had been out of the saddle since June, but I did not get rested for long since I hosted a Barbie Breen-Gurley Dressage clinic the following weekend at my farm, and she tried to buy Levi for one of her student, so I guess he made an impressions both weekends


These are photos from the first day.Friday

I was riding outside in the warm up and Levi was as relaxed as could be. I seen John out of the corner of my eye watching so I rode up to him. He said, "well ride him into the arena"...I said OK, I'll follow you.I had never been in that place and it scared me. When they closed that big concrete door and Levi was the only horse in the place and the "Battle of the Breeds" trail course was set up, Levi wanted no part in this place and was trying to hide behind any person that he could., so when they left us he figured he would just launch out. His poor heart was beating so hard I could feel it thru the saddle. John said from the other side "Well folks that's the horse we are going to work on" So John quietly walked back to me and said "You can hop off now" So that's were the picture below starts from. After a few minutes of John playing with Levi, he was as relaxed as he was outside and he was a star pupil from then on.




                                                                                                                                                        Levi is eating the program.



 These are photos from the Earl Warren Arena.

see it's scary


Photo's from Saturday


















So anyway,for the saddle fitting demo we went around loose rein and not in frame 8 times in each gait, then pulled the saddle to discuss the saddle marks on Levi's back. I was riding a western version of a Schleese saddle and it was by far the most comfortable western saddle I have ridden in as well as their Dressage saddle, so now I have 3 Dressage saddles for sale so I can buy one for Levi.

Levi was a little leaner on the final day....He was not crazy about chlorinated water.

















photo credits to Michelle Janten. Thanks Michelle, I can't ride and take pictures of myself.

By the way Michelle's husband Arik is a certified John Lyons trainer if anyone would like to hold a clinic in Ca.

They can be reached at Michelle Jantzen []












photo credits to Michelle Janten.

Levi's real job













Confetti's Magic aka "Levi"

Clinic with Leslie Webb