Chocklate Confetti 3-21-82 -------6-5-2009 1:10 p.m.





With a broken heart I have to report that I lost my beloved friend and life's companion Chocklate Confetti.
On the  afternoon of 6-5-09 I was teasing mares to him and he was completely normal and Romeo as usual. The last mare I teased was his daughter Sass and she was quite willing, but unfortunately the stallion I had bred had colic surgery 14 days earlier. So when Chocklate discovered Sass was in heat I was a bit bummed. I dragged Sass away from Chocklate licking and kissing her face, and put her across the stall. Jumped in my truck and headed next door (Repro Vet I
work for) to have my mares checked that were already there. When I pulled out he was piaffing in his stall. I was not even there yet (farm next door) and I received a call from my farriers wife that chocklate was down and having a seizure or something. I flipped around and flew home aprox 2 minutes and when I arrived Chocklate had already passed. Chocklate was laying peacefully in his box stall. All I can say is he went out doing what he loved the most
My Vet feels that he probably had a massive Stroke, Aneurysm or Heart attack since he went so suddenly and with out any struggle. I am very thankful that Chocklate was not alone, my life long friend Dan (farrier) and his wife Nikki were by his side.


I can truly say and be proud that Chocklate helped pave the way for Appaloosa's to be accepted as  true competitors in open Sporthorse disciplines, so now this will be left up to his Get and Grandget. Make him proud!



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Chocklate Confetti

Various ages and times through out his career.


Chocklate Confetti                                     

16.3h tri color leopard              

Private treaty for breeding 09

ApHC # 632839 90% Foundation Pedigree Designation

Appaloosa Sport Horse Assoc F#2

American Warmblood Society,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chocklate above at 23 yrs old

Colorado Rangerbred Assoc.

For great information on Foundation Appaloosa's  History, and other breeders take a look at /Foundation Homepage.

Chocklate has competed and won in all English disciplines, excelling in Horse Trials and Dressage. Chocklate Consistently passes to his offspring, size, movement, color with willing sensible minds. He is a very high percentage color producer, bred to Apps and other non color breeds. We have been transporting semen with Chocklate for several years with great success (prior to Appy acceptance)

Chocklate's pedigree reads like a "who's who" of foundation Appaloosa breeding, tracing to such greats as Apache F-730, Toby I and Toby II, Joker B, Red Eagle F-209 and 3 times to Apache F-416.

Breeding Contracts

 view web page of Chocklate's pictures.


Video of Chocklate competing at Del Mar Horse Trials

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Photo at 20 years old...right and below