Oreo color production thru 2007 foal crop

51 total

24 blankets out of TB, WB, QH, NC app

10 leopards out of 4 non colored apps, 1 QH, 4 colored apps

10 fewspots and snowcaps out of colored Apps

5 near leopard out of WB, TB, non colored App

1 Solid bay (spotting out according to owner) 1 solid Chestnut



Another incredable filly by Oreo!


Congrats to Paula Einstein and Onestone farms on the arrival of this gorgeous black and white filly

out of Olivia a Dutch WB mare. Put on your sunglasses!






















Congrats to the Meeks family on their new filly!

Sire Butterwap Confetti

Dam: KT Sugar Bars

Black with spots over hips!











Congrats to Betsey Smith on the arrival of this beautiful filly

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam:: Celebrity Impression AQHA N/N

Confetti's Comet, chestnut blanket filly












German Chocklate

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Pinjara  Oldenburg Warmblood mare

Bay Near leopard colt

Incredible Colt! If you want a sporthorse look no further, proven siblings, color galore, size, confomation and movment, and he IS for sale!


SOLD@ Confetti Farms


Video of this lovely colt is now on youtube









Sire: Butterwap Confetti 

 Dam: NC Grade mare


Here's our little guy! Born about 1:00 a.m. 5/12/08.
These Pics are of about 7 hours old. We couldn't have been more blessed, thank you Oreo!

Congrats to the Luffy family!







Hi Melanie,

Butterwap Confetti and Ziggaboo’s foal arrived .

This Elegant BLACK with White blanket/Black spots Appaloosa FILLY arrived 04/29/08.

She's 100% FPD eligible. She's extremely leggy, has beautiful refinement, lovely markings, great shoulder and a pretty head. She’s already showing a good temperament, great agility and has been cantering around since she was born !!

This cross has always been a winner for us and obviously that continues to be the case. Watching her move is a study in grace, elegance and effortless fluid motion!

Available for Purchase at $6,500. Video available to Serious Inquiries.


Steve and Gail Bivins





Sire: Butterwap Confetti  Dam: Mighty Proud Miss B

Mighty Proud B (we used to call her Miss B, but we can’t now if she’s a momma) had a filly on April 15 about 4 am.  She’s a solid chestnut with a large arrowhead shaped star and 2 white socks, but no spots.  We’ve been waiting to write while we look her all over for some characteristics, but there’s nothing we can see.

She’s a cutie, with a very feminine head, and is an incredibly fast runner from day one.  She just wants to run everywhere and jumps back and forth over the small log in their daily turnout.  The lack of color is a small disappointment, but she’s a sweetheart!

I’m attaching one photo of her just hours old and the other 2 are when she is 5 days old.  Let me know what you think.


Deb Eshelman






Congrats to Marion Martin on her second baby by Oreo!

Sire Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Stormy Connection ApHC

Black colt snowcap blanket 2 hind socks


















        Update 8-08         Graced with Chocklate placed first in the USDF breeders qualifier at Cool August nights,  click here for an update                                                                                                         

Our first baby on the Farm, one down 2 to go.


358 day gestation but worth the wait

Graced with Chocklate

Exquisite bay filly with flash markings on all legs, blanket and star.

4-4-08 5:00 pm in the afternoon, did not even have time to put her in the barn, but foaled right in the middle of the fresh sand I put in her pen.

Butterwap Confetti  "Oreo"

Gracie 16h Oldenburg mare out of Pinjara ,Oldenburg and by Goldluck, Hanoverian.

This filly was up on her feet with one try and nursing, trotting all around and making mom nervous in an hour! Her favorite move is Canter pirouettes!

Dressage career here we come!

SOLD @ Confetti Farms 




Congrats Marion on this awesome filly! Can't get much nicer than this.

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Shades Of Style ApHC

4-3-08 black and white fewspot filly


Hi Mellanie, Just wanted to let you know that we had our first foal this morning out of Oreo. She was a couple weeks early, but she is a big girl - all legs - and she is the image of her daddy. We are still waiting on the other mare who is now about a week overdue. I'm thinking that I want to breed Shades (Mom of this morning's foal) back to Oreo - it looks like a good combination. I'll send you pictures asap.

Hope everything is going well on your farm, Marion Martin













2007 Filly

Sire: Oreo

Dam:Fancy Iced Surprise

NC app mare

Georgeous filly

Congrats to Michelle Edwards and family.








2007 filly

Sire: Oreo

Dam: Sea Mi Sweet Annie ApHC NC

Congrats to the Gilbert family at

 Spotted  ND Ranch on the birth of this lovely filly

photo's at 8 hrs old










Our Butterwap Confetti/Ziggaboo 2007 Foal has Arrived !!

We are very pleased to announce the birth of a beautiful bright CHESTNUT with White Blanket Appaloosa FILLY!!! She arrived at 8:30pm on Monday, 5/14/07. We thought that was very considerate timing on her part...

I've attached a few photographs taken at 13 hours.

This continues to be a magical cross for us! This filly is extremely leggy, has beautiful refinement, lovely markings, great shoulder and a pretty head.

She’s already showing a good temperament, great agility and has been cantering around since she was born! The foals from this cross always get their legs under them quickly and are off...

This filly will be available for Purchase at $6,500.

Gail Bivins [gailandsteve@dominofarm.com]








Ginger Wilson is excited to have a very loud 3/4 leopard filly out of her mare GG Scarlet Goer and Oreo. I will post pictures as soon as they arrive.




2007 filly


Sire :Oreo

Dam: Flak ApHC mare

All you would want in a filly!

Bay fewspot.

Karen Darling is one happy owner!


Incredible chestnut filly

Sire: Oreo

Dam: Olivia

Dutch Warmblood

Congrats to Paula Einstein at Onestone farms on this wonderful filly. Vet says it can't get much better than this. Olivia is bred back to Oreo for a 08 foal.




Our Condolences go out to Mike and Karen Lippsmayer.

Their mare Royal Spirit, lost blanketed Twin colts by Oreo.

So sorry guys.





April 11th 2007 Bay/blanket filly

Sire: Oreo

Dam:  Hydway Tamroseagle ApHC

We couldn't be more pleased! It's a filly to boot! She's quite elegant with longer pasterns.And so our journey begins. Thank-You! What a sweetheart. Mom is an appaloosa with much less white over hips and no spots on white. She does have spots on her bay coat. Dr. Bob says it doesn't get any better than this! Just awesome. She's definitely the sporthorse in our group. Johanna








April 1st 2007

Sire: Oreo

Dam: Bits of Confetti, 16.1h daughter of Chocklate

Gorgeous black and white homozygous stallion!

For Sale@ Confetti Farms

Rare opportunity to have an Oreo carbon copy

Click here for more info and photo's




March 27th 2007 Spectacular sport horse!


Sire: Oreo

Dam: Pinjara Oldenburg 16.2h was a Premium foal, main mare book.


Huge Bay filly, blanket

Try to fault this filly, elegant but huge, very feminine.

Lovely uphill movement, sweet temperament, loves people,very willing.

For Sale @ Confetti Farms

$3,800.00 obo


Full brother winning at USDF Shows in Illinois








March 20, 2007

beautiful colt, black with white spots over hips.

Sire: Oreo

Dam: Noori, 16h black TB

For Sale @ Confetti Farms


This colt is a real eye catcher, a true black with color to boot. Will make an excellent Hunter, looks like a TB with Spots. Excellent App circuit prospect!




Congratulations to the Gilbert family on the arrival of their third colored colt by Oreo

Chocklate Waped Moose

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Sea Mi Sweet Annie, NC ApHC Chocklate Confetti daughter

Huge colt, definately a sport horse prospect. If you are looking for a colt with substancial size, bone and personality...Look no further!

He is offered for sale.

August 2006

 USDF Breeders Qualifier in Burbank at the Cool August Nights Show. Moose placed third behind my colt Spiced Hot Chocklate. This colt is an awesome Event, Dressage or Jumper prospect. He has huge bone, and awesome movement and big loveable personality.




Oreo's first non patterned baby has arrived!

Tommy Tunes

he is perfect..  with the longest legs...

he is a LOOKER for sure.. and what a beautiful head..  typy, almost Arab like... ??

i hve to say... dissappointed that he has NO white... but have to say he is beautiful... he has a beautiful head.. !  no bucket head for him.!  he is put together very nice.. and will be tall.. !!   VERY TALL...

He is so cute..  i just love him... 
you know i think he is going to be a roan...   and i could be mistaken or wishful thinking... but i think he will have non pigmented hoofs.. !~    
no other traits are showing yet...   but i can see some roan hairs in the right lite..

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam :Prima Vera

TOMMY TUNES is for sale .. ... This leggy black appy colt has the breeding to be the ultimate sport horse with COLOR.. On his dam side he has warmblood breeding of Diamont / Prince Thatch. On his sire side ,Butterwap Confetti is Wapspotted / Chocolate Confetti bloodlines.. .. Tommy's cannon bones are as long as his mother's , she is 16'3+ hhs. he has a powerful hindend , elegant neck.. He is a very confident / independent colt, has been imprinted and loves attention.. .. Lack of space forces us to sell .. $3,500. His 5 yr.old dam is for sale too ..$13,500. SPOTSROCK@worldnet.att.net



May 8th 2006 10:10 pm

Sire Butterwap Confetti

Dam : Cinnamon Skipper

chestnut leopard colt

This is the third baby out of Truely, all have been exceptional,

 as I am sure this one will be also.


Sold to Mike and Marlene Bacalla

Congrats on the purchase of this beautiful colt






May 7th 2006

Blanca Chocolati

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam:Confetti's Red Rose,Chocklate's 17.2h daughter

Massive but refined filly, can't ask for more than what this filly has to offer.

photo at 2 days old. We also have this fillies 05 full sister that is for sale.

Sold @Confetti Farms


August 2006

 USDF Breeders Qualifier in Burbank at the Cool August Nights Show. I could not be more pleased with the results!

Blanca Chocolati placed 2nd in the open 06 fillies class and qualified for the championship filly class.

Blanca is a  06 filly by Butterwap Confetti and Confetti's Red Rose (17.2h Chocklate daughter)






April 29th 2006

Spiced Hot Chocklate

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Golden Winfal  TB  "Wendy"

Incredible blanketed colt. Wendy continues to produce breathtakingly beautiful foals by both Chocklate and Oreo.

This is a full brother to "My Spotted Butterwap" 16.2h as a 3 year old

For Sale@ Confetti Farms

USDF Breeders Qualifier in Burbank at the Cool August Nights Show. I could not be more pleased with the results!

Spiced Hot Chocklate also placed 2nd in the 06 open colt division which also qualified him for the championship class.

This awesome colt is by Butterwap Confetti and Golden Winfall a JC reg mare.













Hi Mellanie,

I wanted to let you know that Ziggaboo’s 2006 foal by Butterwap Confetti has arrived and it's a beautiful Filly! Born April 22nd at 9:45pm.

This cross continues to be spectacular...

The filly's black with a blanket and black spots that match her mother’s perfectly! She's really pretty...

refined, elegant, beautiful shoulder, hip and is VERY long legged. She's showing the same sweet, intelligent and inquisitive personality that her full sister of

2005 had. We can already tell she’ll be a joy to work with.

I'm attaching a few photographs taken on day 1 and day 3. I'll get the website updated soon.

Needless to say, one shouldn't mess with success, so we plan to re-breed Ziggaboo to Oreo... let me know what his breeding and collection fee are for this year. If the breeding contract is up to date, I can pull it from your website.

This foal will be available for Purchase at $6,500.

Gail Bivins

Domino Farm


(678) 358-0234









Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Just Zip To Dee Bar

chestnut fewspot filly

Congrats to Dan and Nikki





Gilbert on the purchase of this beautiful filly.




Hello Mellanie,

 Sorry it took so long to let you know but last Wed, Tip had a colt , bay with a small blanket. Will send you pictures this weekend. Not sure but may possibly be a snowcap, blanket is small and there is a few jagged spots along the edges but no round spots.

 Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Tip my Hand ApHC


Max D. Sterrett




Foals of 2005



If you are looking for huge homozygous sporthorse filly, look no further!

Sire: Butterwap Confetti 16.3h

Dam: Confetti's Red Rose  17.2h Chocklate daughter

Outstanding fewspot filly

Correct Conformation, incredible movement, very friendly. Proven performance bloodlines on Sire and Dam. Show now, breed later. Will be a 100% color producer. Take advantage of a rare opportunity on this filly.

                                         FOR SALE $6,500.00 @ Confetti Farms


current video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmBn6ZPZ-U0







5-17-05 5:00pm                              

HUGE Black Bay colt!             photo at 1 hr old

Sire: Butterwap Confetti                             

Dam: Pinjara

16.2 ISR Oldenburg Mare

By Panache who has won numerous championships and reserve championships in Dressage.

Pinjara was a Premium rated foal at her inspection and received a placement in the main mare book at her inspection with a foal at her side. She received a score of 100 points, barely missing the premium mare book by 3 points. Pinjara has pink Oldenburg Verband papers.





SOLD to Ary Leckey Private treaty



Look at us Now!

3rd place winner at another USDF Breeders show.











OH MY !!!!

Ziggaboo and Butterwap Confetti's 2005 foal arrived last night. We couldn't have hoped and wished for anything better... an absolutely gorgeous Black Few Spot FILLY !!! She's got lots of leg, a beautiful shoulder and very pretty head. Right now she's cantering perfect, large circles around her mother!

I've updated the website with pictures taken today at 1 day.


There's a place to click for more pictures on the above webpage. I'm including a few in this email also.


Gail Bivins
Domino Farm
(678) 358-0234




Rocking J Stables is proud to announce the birth this beautiful colt.


Huge chestnut leopard colt

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Sea Mi Sweet Annie, NC ApHC Chocklate Confetti daughter photos at 8 hrs old

Congrats to the Gilbert Family

 Dan, Nikki, Josh, Haley and Christopher.




Placed 2nd in colts and geldings of 05 at the USDF breeders classic in Burbank.

the first place score was 71.3 and ours was 70.5 

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Si Mi Sweet Annie   Chocklate Confetti Daughter




4-8-05 Chestnut fewspot filly.   White Chocklate  ApHC pending

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Bits of Confetti (Connie )

16.1h fewspot by Chocklate Confetti and Envy My Form Connie was shown briefly as a Eventer years ago,  and has Chocklate's fearless temperament. Connie was shown in Dressage last year.

This filly is beautiful. She has the best assets of both parents. Will definitely make a sport horse deluxe, plus the added bonus of a homozygous color producer later in life.

Green bands on mares legs are natural fly repellents....I have received several e-mails inquiring!

SOLD  $7,500.0 at 2 wks old  Congrats to Jackie Lange on the purchase of this filly!



3/16/05 chestnut leopard filly

Dam: Bear Paws Rose

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Chocklate's only full sibling. Rosie had a very successful career in jumpers and under saddle classes in open and on the Appaloosa Circuit. She was a California Champion and also qualified for the Nationals and world on more than one occasion. 

SOLD $7,500.00 at 2 days old  Congrats to Nell Scannon on the purchase of this filly!


What an awesome filly to start the year off!


Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Celebrity Impression,  AQHA N/N

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful filly. Mom was a solid QH sorrel. Talk about a dream come true. 

I think we are going to call her Copper Penny (Penny) because she has one red spot on her butt (mom's contribution to her coloring).  As far as registered names, we are tossing around some combos of mom's and dad's, not sure yet.  She was born March 5th at 2 am, was standing at 10 minutes and was running laps around mom within a few hours.   I can't wait to see pictures of your foal from Oreo.  Take care. 

 Thank you. Betsy Smith

Poteau, Oklahoma


Foals of 2004

I am having trouble with my e-mail. Please do not assume that I have received it. Call on the Phone, if you do Not get a response from me.

Sorry for the trouble


OR     Mellanie@confettifarms.com




 mostly a dark brown with a snowcap with a few spots
in her blanket. She has two almost identical stockings on her hind legs
and a beautiful star. We are going to name her Confetti's Super Star and
call her Milky Way. She's perfect and exactly what we wanted!

CONGRATS to the Katuin Family, on the birth of this beautiful  filly!



Butterfly Willow Wap

By Butterwap Confetti and Miss Maddie

Gorgeous bright red, shedding baby hair to a bay black color, and changing daily, filly with blanket and star. She is big and beautiful with the friendliest attitude!!




Congratulations to Bonnie Macartney <jnbnotscotch@yahoo.com>

Currently for sale as a weanling at $3,500.00 and going up after weaning. Located in New York State


She is for sale  She is out of a grade (homegrown) TB, Trak cross mare who stands an HONEST 17.1hh. Filly is massive and will easily mature 16.3h+




Congratulations to Bonnie Macartney <jnbnotscotch@yahoo.com>




Butterwap Confetti 

 R Irish Rose NC ApHC

Beautiful black and White leopard colt. Pictures are of him at 4 days old.  He was born
5/5.  It doesn't get much better than this!  I can't
tell you how happy I am, not only with his color, but
he is probably the best conformed foal I have had.  I
will probably be offering him for sale, if I can get
myself to part with him.

 info on this colt Kristina Spackman... tarantowana@yahoo.com



Congratulations to Laurie Creswell in New York on the birth of a beautiful leopard filly by Oreo and Tulsa, a Chocklate Confetti daughter.








April 8,2004   Bay filly, full blaze, 4 white socks, blanket to withers.

Sire: Butterwap Confetti,

 Dam: Let it Be Tyme TB



photo at 7 hrs old




Karen Darling in Bakersfield, Ca




First Foal Crop

9 Colored foals out of 9 non colored mares


Show results for Oreo's first foals

We went to the USDF Breeders qualifier and final Aug 23 and 24th, because it was both, the competition was pretty tough. We won the IRC International Registry of Colored Horses class first 4 places with Confetti Farms bred colts 2 and under, Sat IRC
1: Oreo Holsteiner colt  Chocklate Filled Oreo        shown below
2: Arab X Chocklate daughter colt, Chocklate Magic
3: Oreo TB colt:  Shooting Star     shown below
4: Oreo App\QH colt : Sea my Butterwap World    also shown below

fillies 2 and under
1st) Wap scotch Confetti :  Butterscotch Confetti X Wapspotted

3 year old stallion
1st Butterwap Confetti     Butterscotch Confetti (Chocklate daughter) X Wapspotted

I am not sure of the other placings.

Sunday  Colts 2 and under....  Open
3 rd   Oreo Holsteiner colt
4: Oreo App\QH colt
5 Oreo TB colt

Fillies 2 and under open
4 th) Wap scotch Confetti, 

3 year old stallions Open
4th Butterwap Confetti

Get of Sire ...Open
Oreo colts....won first place!
Oreo Holsteiner colt  Chocklate filled Oreo
Oreo App\QH colt   Sea my Butterwap world.


Shooting Star

Kelly Truxillo wait is finally over. Her chestnut TB mare , My First Delivery and Oreo. Are the proud parents of this beautiful black and white colt. Unfortunately, Kelly wanted a filly, so this awesome guy will be offered for sale.






Congratulations to Linda and Ron Gilbert on the arrival of Faith.....A beautiful filly by Oreo and their grade QH mare.



Sea my Butterwap whirl

 Dan and Nikki Gilbert are the proud parents of their breathtaking colt by Oreo and Pixie ApHC NC, an own daughter of Navaho Whirlaway and Sea Mi Sophia QH. You don't see these line very often anymore.






Chocklate Filled Oreo

                                                                         currently 16.3h

Congratulations to TJ Walker on her gorgeous colt by Oreo, and her Holsteiner mare Bo, out of Rubenstein.

Huge bay colt with a blanket arrived 5-17-03 at 11:15 pm


Oreo's newest addition is here born this morning at 1:30, a seal brown almost black colt with tons of color 1 white rear foot and a big white star in the middle of his forehead, he has a wonderful blanket with peacock spots in it and a perfect white heart on the left side of his rear end.  I'm thrilled beyond words !!!!!!!!!!!! Gwen Frye


Oreo's 4th colored baby!

Congrats to Paula Pladsen in Texas, on her new Colt by Oreo and a TB x QH mare Tidy's Travelin Patty.

Born 4-17-03 at 11:40 pm

More info added soon

For Sale  





My Spotted Butterwap

March 23,2003 Sire Butterwap Confetti........ Dam Golden Winfall TB

Huge Black bay colt with a blanket over hips, beautiful head and neck...legs like a giraffe. SOLD  Congrats to Karen Madson on the purchase of this gorgeous gelding.


Full sibling at top of page.


My Spotted Butterwap aka "Reese" 16.1h gelding by Oreo and Golden Winfall TB  Purchased by Karen Maddson as a Dressage prospect










March 12, 2003  Oreo's first bay is finally here!

Sire: Butterwap Confetti        Dam: Let it be Tyme Irish TB

Bay filly with blanket and spots, star and one white sock.


Congrats to Diane Duacsek on the purchase of this incredible filly.

   Then                                                           Now                          

Our sympathies to Dan and Nikki Gilbert. They lost a beautiful black and white leopard filly by Oreo and out of their NC (1/2QH)chestnut mare Annie. Annie developed a   transverse uterus that cut of the blood supply to baby. But fortunately mom came thru the whole thing fine.


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