2008 Foals




Congrats guys and cherish this big boy, Chocklate is 26 years old this year!

Sire: Chocklate Confetti

Dam: Little Miss America . ApHC

3-22-08 Leopard Colt

Well I have read about them, but I had never really thought we’d be lucky enough to deal with it!  Went to bed knowing Magic was going to foal (gobs of wax when she came in from being out all afternoon) so I was up watching her pretty close.  I woke Travis up – this was his Chocklate Confetti baby after all, he could come out in the cold with me! – and by the time he got down to the barn, this huge, spotted MOOSE was trying to figure out the long legs he came out with!  So we’re ooohing and aaaahhing over him and I see KC, who has been intently watching, start pacing very intently across the aisle, and go down…hmmm….so I go over, and her water breaks…I kid with her that if she had wanted an audience, she could have let me know 2 weeks ago and I’d have been happy to have stood around then!  So we wait – that time between the water breaking and the foal being out and taking it’s first big breath are always the absolutely longest minutes.  And when KC starts to make even Travis nervous with her erratic attempts, he steps in and gives her a hand to pull a very talkative, bay filly – dubbed her Gabby and it’s stuck… So in an hour and a half, we had two beautiful, healthy babies.  Magic’s baby has a little swelling in his lower legs but I think it’s just from being so BIG…they already are looking better this afternoon and he’s still got a lot of unfolding to do.  They both found their legs and the milk spigots, all is well, and we only have one more to go but it looks like I might get a night or two’s sleep before she gets serious.  So I grabbed pictures…Magic’s colt is by Chocklate Confetti,  KC’s filly is by our Dream Aloud and then I’m attaching another updated shot of Mattie, who is also by Dream Aloud.  Again – they aren’t the best pictures because they are in the stall but it was just too windy and cold to put them out today…All I can say is that it’s nice to have some awesome, bright “spots” to focus on after the way this month started!!!

But I did want to let you know he is EXACTLY what Travis wanted…Your boy did awesome J

Janelle Yates

Teloga Valley Farm, Canandaigua, NY





Congrats Marion on this awesome filly! Can't get much nicer than this.

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Shades Of Style ApHC

4-3-08 black and white fewspot filly


Hi Mellanie, Just wanted to let you know that we had our first foal this morning out of Oreo. She was a couple weeks early, but she is a big girl - all legs - and she is the image of her daddy. We are still waiting on the other mare who is now about a week overdue. I'm thinking that I want to breed Shades (Mom of this morning's foal) back to Oreo - it looks like a good combination. I'll send you pictures asap.

Hope everything is going well on your farm, Marion Martin










        Update 8-08         Graced with Chocklate placed first in the USDF breeders qualifier at Cool August nights,  click here for an update                                                                                                         

Our first baby on the Farm, one down 2 to go.


358 day gestation but worth the wait

Graced with Chocklate

Exquisite bay filly with flash markings on all legs, blanket and star.

4-4-08 5:00 pm in the afternoon, did not even have time to put her in the barn, but foaled right in the middle of the fresh sand I put in her pen.

Butterwap Confetti  "Oreo"

Gracie 16h Oldenburg mare out of Pinjara ,Oldenburg and by Goldluck, Hanoverian.

This filly was up on her feet with one try and nursing, trotting all around and making mom nervous in an hour! Her favorite move is Canter pirouettes!

Dressage career here we come!

For Sale @ Confetti Farms   $4,500.00

1 hour old













3 days old



















4-5-08 3:00 am

Enormous chestnut blanket colt.                                                                                                           photo at 5 hrs old

Sire: Chocklate Confetti

Dam: Fiesty Gal  16.1h ApHC

 Despite his eventful delivery (upside down, leg and head back) Mom and baby are great! Thank goodness for sleeping in the barn! He still has some unfolding to do.

Will get more pictures soon.








Congrats to Marion Martin on her second baby by Oreo!

Sire Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Stormy Connection ApHC

Black colt snowcap blanket 2 hind socks














Sire: Butterwap Confetti  Dam: Mighty Proud Miss B

Mighty Proud B (we used to call her Miss B, but we can’t now if she’s a momma) had a filly on April 15 about 4 am.  She’s a solid chestnut with a large arrowhead shaped star and 2 white socks, but no spots.  We’ve been waiting to write while we look her all over for some characteristics, but there’s nothing we can see.

She’s a cutie, with a very feminine head, and is an incredibly fast runner from day one.  She just wants to run everywhere and jumps back and forth over the small log in their daily turnout.  The lack of color is a small disappointment, but she’s a sweetheart!

I’m attaching one photo of her just hours old and the other 2 are when she is 5 days old.  Let me know what you think.


Deb Eshelman






Hi Melanie,

Butterwap Confetti and Ziggaboo’s foal arrived .

This Elegant BLACK with White blanket/Black spots Appaloosa FILLY arrived 04/29/08.

She's 100% FPD eligible. She's extremely leggy, has beautiful refinement, lovely markings, great shoulder and a pretty head. She’s already showing a good temperament, great agility and has been cantering around since she was born !!

This cross has always been a winner for us and obviously that continues to be the case. Watching her move is a study in grace, elegance and effortless fluid motion!

Available for Purchase at $6,500. Video available to Serious Inquiries.


Steve and Gail Bivins




Sire: Butterwap Confetti  Dam: NC Grade mare



Here's our little guy! Born about 1:00 a.m. 5/12/08.
These Pics are of about 7 hours old. We couldn't have been more blessed, thank you Oreo!

Congrats to the Luffy family!






German Chocklate

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam: Pinjara  Oldenburg Warmblood mare

Bay Near leopard colt

Incredible Colt! If you want a sporthorse look no further, proven siblings, color galore, size, confomation and movment, and he IS for sale!


SOLD@ Confetti Farms

Congrats to Clare Kidwell of North Carolina on the purchase of this incredible colt.

Video of this lovely colt is now on youtube




Congrats to Betsey Smith on the arrival of this beautiful filly

Sire: Butterwap Confetti

Dam:: Celebrity Impression AQHA N/N

Confetti's Comet, chestnut blanket filly

















Congrats to the Meeks family on their new filly!

Sire Butterwap Confetti

Dam: KT Sugar Bars

Black with spots over hips!












Another incredable filly by Oreo!


Congrats to Paula Einstein and Onestone farms on the arrival of this georgous black and white filly

out of Olivia a Dutch WB mare. Put on your sunglasses!