Foals of 2003

by Chocklate and Oreo



Kelly Truxillo wait is finally over. Her TB mare , My First Delivery and Oreo. Are the proud parents of this beautiful black and white colt. Unfortunately, Kelly wanted a filly, so this awesome guy will be offered for sale.







Eric Beene and Southern Winds Ranch have a new red leopard colt to add to the herd. He is Sired by Chocklate and the dam is Poco's Snowbird.

Will post pictures as soon as they arrive.


Wessaloosa Farm are the proud parents of this loud colored foundation bred colt.

Sire: Chocklate    Dam: Oak's Candy Angel



Congratulations to Linda and Ron Gilbert on the arrival of Faith.....A beautiful filly by Oreo and their grade QH mare.







 Dan and Nikki Gilbert are the proud parents of their breathtaking colt by Oreo and Pixie ApHC NC, an own daughter of Navaho Whirlaway and Sea Mi Sophia QH. You don't see these line very often anymore.








Congratulations to TJ Walker on her gorgeous colt by Oreo, and her Holsteiner mare Bo, out of Rubenstein.

Huge bay colt with a blanket arrived 5-17-03 at 11:15 pm




5-17-03 4:15am

Sire: Chocklate 

 Dam: Cinnamon Skipper ,ApHC pedigree includes  Skip Scamp, Prince Edward, Flip Maid, Skipper W, Fire Bright, Fire-N-Go, Go Bay Go, Norgren's Bright Bars, Bright Eyes Brother.

16 hands mare with substantial bone and muscle. This is her second baby, and he is a cutie.



Oreo's newest addition is here born this morning at 1:30, a seal brown almost black colt with tons of color 1 white rear foot and a big white star in the middle of his forehead, he has a wonderful blanket with peacock spots in it and a perfect white heart on the left side of his rear end.  I'm thrilled beyond words !!!!!!!!!!!! Gwen Frye


May 1, 2003 9:00pm   Bay blanketed filly....I think!

Full Sister to Butterwap Confetti...Oreo.

Sire: Wapspotted

Dam: Butterscotch Confetti....Chocklate's 17.1h daughter.   SOLD




More info and pictures



Dam: Confetti's Red Rose 17.2h Chocklate daughter

4-19-03 12:30 am Huge Leopard colt.

Sire: Aul Magic  Arab also approved Trakehner. a few accomplishments.

2001 USA Eq National Champion Horse of the year, Dressage, 2001 USA Eq National Champion Horse of the year region 3 Champion Arab horse. 2001 USA Eq National Champion Horse of the year region 7 Champion Arabian Halter

2001 USDF All Breed Award Winner First level. 2001 USDF All Breed Award Winner Second level. 


For more information about about Aul Magic. Click link below.





Oreo's 4th colored baby!

Congrats to Paula Pladsen in Texas, on her new Colt by Oreo and a TB x QH mare Tidy's Travelin Patty.

Born 4-17-03 at 11:40 pm

More info added soon



Picture at 5 months old

4-15-03 11:30 pm

Congratulations to Kristina Henson and her new bay colt out of her QH mare, Juliet's Game and Chocklate. Colt has 2 hind socks a star and a snip. More info posted as soon as it arrives.






April 12 2003 11:30 pm

Chocklate Confetti    Dam: Poco's Miss Cheyenne

Beautiful Dun Leopard filly. This filly will have some substance. Cheyenne is my only halter type mare. Definitely a all around type of baby.










Congratulation to Lynn Smith in Florida. Her NC appy mare Diamond Max, Sire is Chocklate. 

Diamond Confetti....pending


Beautiful Colt!


Photo at 1 wk

March 23,2003 Sire Butterwap Confetti........ Dam Golden Winfall TB

Huge Black bay colt with a blanket over hips, beautiful head and neck...legs like a giraffe. SOLD

March 12, 2003  Oreo's first baby is finally here!  Tyme for Chocklate

Sire: Butterwap Confetti        Dam: Let it be Tyme Irish TB

Bay filly with blanket and spots, star and one white sock.






Our sympathies to Dan and Nikki Gilbert. They lost a beautiful black and white leopard filly by Oreo and out of their NC (1/2QH)chestnut mare Annie. Annie developed a   transverse uterus that cut of the blood supply to baby. But fortunately mom came thru the whole thing fine.




Beautiful chestnut filly, blanket, star, stripe, lightning marks, 1 white sock.

Sire: Chocklate Confetti, Dam: Fiesty Gal ApHC 16.2 h daughter of Hope Straw, Appy racing world record holder, granddaughter of Navaho Whirlaway.

For Sale @ Confetti farms