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Confetti Farms is a full service facility with a 30 year history of breeding Appaloosas with size, movement and temperament of the imported warmbloods with the pizzazz of eye catching color at half the price. Our horses are  consistently winning in open shows against all breeds.

We do not sit back and say what our Appaloosa Horses can do.

We Prove it!

 We offer breeding, (specializing in cooled semen) sales, training and showing, For your future athlete and member of the family call today for more information.

  cell (661)747-5810

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updated 8-29-14


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Updated news about our youngsters!

Confetti's Cottontail wins Championship 2013 Foal at the  United States Dressage Federation Brreeders Show.


Updated 5-15-14

Confetti's Cottontail wins 2013 Championship foal at the Great American United States Dressage Federation Breeders Championships held during the California Dressage Championships in Rancho Murrietta, Ca.




Butterwap Confetti Wins Get Of Sire at Los Angles Breeders Classic for the second time!


Butterwap Confetti  (Oreo)  more photo's

97% FPD   16.2h tall




 Oreo's breeding fee

$950.00 includes 1 shipment of semen and a Color Guarantee for 2014

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This colt is the only colt with great sires of Chocklate Confetti and Wapspotted  in his parentage. Check out the pedigree on this boy.



Appaloosa Sport Horse Assoc

American Warmblood Society,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Colorado Rangerbred Assoc.

For great information on Foundation Appaloosa's  History, and other breeders take a look at /Foundation Homepage.

Oreo's get have competed and won in all English disciplines, excelling in Horse Trials and Dressage. Oreo Consistently passes to his offspring, size, movement, color with willing sensible minds.

Oreo's pedigree reads like a "who's who" of foundation Appaloosa breeding, tracing to such greats as Apache F-730, Toby I and Toby II, Joker B, Red Eagle F-209 and  Apache F-416. 







Horseshow Pictures

Oreo's Foal Page   with dam's color, breed etc.

foals photo collection 


Butterwap Confetti  " Oreo" More photo's and show results.




Chocklate Confetti 3-21-82 -------6-5-2009 1:10 p.m.




Chocklate Confetti 3-21-82 -------6-5-2009 1:10 p.m.


I had the honor and great pleasure of being his human and devoted friend from his birth to his death. Chocklate was born between my daughter and my son and was very special from the start. Thru life’s ups and downs, births, deaths and Divorces, I could always depend on Chocklate giving 150% no matter how crappy I felt. He was truly a class act, even until the end. Although I was not prepared for him to go, he did me a huge favor by not colicing, or having health issues that would require me to anguish over a decision to end his life and for that I thank him.

So I guess we can say he went out with a bang, doing what he loved best and with the smell of mares in his nostrils.

I can truly say and be proud that Chocklate helped pave the way for Appaloosa's to be accepted as  true competitors in open Sporthorse disciplines, so now this will be left up to his Get and Grandget. Make him proud!





Chocklate Confetti info





Confetti Magic "Levi" chosen as John Lyons demo horse in Santa Barbra, Ca.



November 2008 Trailblazer Festival in Santa Barbra, Ca

More info about John Lyons and Levi



Horses from Confetti Farms are not strictly English Horses,

they are all around great athletes and partners required in any endeavor.




Graced with Chocklate wins USDF Breeders Qualifier 08 open fillies! See current news for additional info!

Show Results for August 2006 and  2003 USDF Breeders Qualifier.


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Current news about our youngsters!





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  Show Results for August 23 and 24 2003 USDF Breeders Qualifier.


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